Metal panels are not your only solution. You can build your round pen out of wood fence or vinyl fence.

Most round cribs have an inside diameter of 42 inches, compared to about 27 inches in width for a rectangular crib. This means a round crib has three square inches more total area than the regular crib.
Some crib manufacturers have marketed this as encouraging visual stimulation in your baby as he or she grows. Similarly, you will also be able to catch sight of your baby from all angles with a round crib and access him or her from all sides if the crib is not lined up against a wall. Comparatively, most standard cribs would end up being placed against a wall due to its rectangular shape.

Or, choose a combination of wood posts with vinyl rails...
Vinyl rails are the safest solution to building your round pen. Making the switch to round placemats can help you squeeze more place settings onto your table which is great when you have a few extra guests at dinner. This is because round placemats are usually narrower than traditional placemats so you can set them closer together. Be sure to check chair description before picking one up.

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